Winter is one of the seasons that leave people with a feeling of dread

The cold and wet weather often make it difficult to get out in the world and do what we need to do. But there are some ways to make winter more enjoyable.

Winter’s different types have their own distinctive feelings which can be captured through photography or written word by capturing and articulating the essence of a season.

In the winter, the temperature is low and snow covers everything. Snowflakes cover everything in the air and it is impossible to see anything. This is when life slows down and takes on a different meaning.

Winter is a period of the year that we get snow, ice, and cold weather. Sometimes, winter can be very harsh and cold. It is not unusual for people to experience the winter blues in this season or during an extended period of time.

Many other animals have adapted to winter conditions by hibernating and escaping from predators. Some of these animals include bears, squirrels, chipmunks and even humans! They are able to stay out of trouble during the winter months because they are too busy sleeping or eating for their own good